OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator


Vesica Urology Ltd is proud to introduce the new OptiSmooth hydrophilic Meatal Dilator, an innovative new design developed in the UK.

OptiSmooth MD design has an anatomically shaped handle with indentations for thumb and fingers covered with raised micro surface areas. This provides an excellent grip giving the user greater sensitivity and control. OptiSmooth MD also incorporates a tapered tip to negotiate the tightest meatal strictures.

OptiSmooth MD requires water to be added to activate the hydrophilic coating (Tap water is fine).

OptiSmooth MD is priced at:

  • £1.20 per dilator
  • £36 per box of 30 units

These prices make it at the time of writing the lowest cost hydrophilic meatal dilator currently available.

Single use only.