Vesica Urology Ltd is an independent, British owned and operated company specialising in the development of a range of improved specialised catheters that are specifically designed to end user requirements.

The name ‘Vesica Urology Ltd’ was inspired by the Latin word ‘vesica’ which means ‘bladder’.

  • All the OptiSmooth range of catheters are listed within the UK Drug Tariff at extremely competitive prices
  • All the OptiSmooth catheters are manufactured from medical grade PVC
  • 100% latex free
  • All catheters are DEHP (di(2- ethylhexyl) phthalate Free)

Adrian English


With over 34 years’ experience working in the continence and urology field and a strong understanding of the global market, Adrian English founded Vesica Urology Ltd with the aim of developing extremely high quality, innovative, yet cost effective products that will improve the quality of life for those that use them.


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OptiSmooth Mitro

OptiSmooth Mitro XL

OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator