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Vesica Urology Ltd manufacture a range of specialised intermittent catheters for urinary and bladder problems.

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Welcome to Vesica Urology Ltd. The company was founded in 2010 to develop and promote cost effective and high quality innovative continence and urology products.


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OptiSmooth Mitro

OptiSmooth Mitro XL

OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator


Catheter OptiSmooth Mitro XL

"This review is an honest statement but a mitro user of 5 years. I’ve always used another brand because I have a tricky mitro that needs a firm & pointed tip, so my previous catheters were all I could use. Then, my supplier ran into stock difficulties with the manufacturer for various reason but they hadn’t had a delivery in two months! So… as you can imagine I panicked because no other supplier does the tip that I need. I contacted every catheter company out there and had samples from everywhere, to my horror I just couldn’t get any of the catheters to pass through my mitro channel, never mind into the bladder. Then…. Someone told me about the Vesica Mitro XL catheters & I thought well I’ve got nothing to lose, so I emailed Adrian and the lovely man sent me a good amount of samples to try out. As I said, I wasn’t expecting much as every other catheter is tried had failed, but I thought I’ll give it a go… to my absolute amazement…. The Mitro XL catheter went in and I started draining, I couldn’t believe it and thought this is a fluke! So I carried on using them and after almost a week they are still going on with ease & as most of you will know sometimes when removing a catheter it hurts and feels like your insides are about to come out & if you’re anything like me I often swear aloud when removing that catheter but the Mitro XL ones do not do that, they come out with ease and no pulling! I’m at a stage where I need to have dilation urgently and that on top of my mitro being tricky anyway I think that says almost everything about these catheters because if they can do this when I’m in need of dilation then just think how easier I’m going to find them once my mitro is back working properly.

I’d also just like to mention that Adrian is a genius, to develop this type of catheter is just amazing, trust me, there is no other catheter like this on the market, they are a smooth, soft catheter but with a firm tip that navigates through the channel & into the bladder with ease. I found Adrian very knowledgeable but also very approachable, he let me ask him a thousand questions & didn’t get annoyed with me. The man is an absolute star! I have already spoken to my GP & these Mitro XL catheters are now my new prescribed catheter. Honestly, I can recommend the catheters & Adrian enough.

So, if you’re failing to find a suitable catheter for your mitro, then give these a try because there is hope & these just might save you like they did me."

- Anna From Newcastle


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