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OptiSmooth Mitro

To Download the full OptiSmooth Mitro specification sheet please go to the support bar (Top Right)




OptiSmooth Mitro is the third catheter in the Vesica Urology range. It is an single use nelaton uncoated catheter

that requires additional lubrication with a water soluble jelly. It has four staggered drainage eyes developed to reduce  eye blockage due to debris and mucous especially with the Mitrofanoff bladder reconstruction.

It comes in its own sterile single use packs.

OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011

OptiSmooth & Mitro are registered Trademarks

















All the catheters in the OptiSmooth Mitro range are manufactured from 100% latex free medical grade PVC








Simple coding system




OptiSmooth Mitro prefix = OSM




Decide on catheter length  i.e  40cm so OSM40




Then determine Charrier size i.e 14ch




So full code is OSM4014












  Range of Sizes             Charrier               Product Code




         40cm                       10-18ch           OSM4010-OSM4018

         50cm                       10-18ch           OSM5010-OSM5018






OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011


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