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OptiSmooth is the first catheter in the Vesica Urology range. It is an single use Hydrophilic catheter

that requires additional water to be added to activate the hydrophilic coating.It comes in a sterile single use pack.


After 30 seconds contact with water the coating is easily identified by turning milky white. This indicates to the user

and healthcare professional exactly where the coating is on the catheter.


All the catheters in the OptiSmooth range are manufactured from 100% latex free medical grade PVC


Simple coding system

OptiSmooth prefix = OS

Decide on catheter length  i.e  Male 40cm so OS40

Then determine Charrier size i.e 12ch

So full code is OS4012



  Range of Sizes             Charrier            Product Code

Male Length 40cm           8-18ch           OS4008-OS4018

Female 18cm                   8-16ch           OS1808-OS1816

Female Mini 12cm           8-16ch           OS1208-OS1216

Paediatric 30cm               6-10ch           OS3006-OS3010

OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011

OptiSmooth & Mitro are registered Trademarks

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