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OptiSmooth Range


The OptiSmooth catheter is the first in the OptiSmooth range of innovative catheters from Vesica Urology Ltd.Below is an overview of the OptiSmooth range for more detailed information on each product please use the toolbars opposite.Or to


download the full product brochures please go to the support bar (Top Right)

All the OptiSmooth range of catheters are listed within the UK Drug Tariff at extremely competitive prices

All the OptiSmooth catheters are manufactured from medical grade PVC


100% Latex Free


OptiSmooth is an Intermittent catheter with a super smooth hydrophilic coating. The coating activates within 30 seconds contact with water. OptiSmooth is available in Male 40cm , Female 18cm and now a new discreet Female 12cm mini length. OptiSmooth requires additional water to be added.

OptiSmooth is priced at £1.18 per catheter £35.40 for a box of 30units. Single use only

OptiSmooth Mitro

OptiSmooth Mitro is a very special catheter with 4 drainage eyes. It is uncoated so requires additional lubrication such as a water soluble jelly. It has been developed to increase urine flow especially for those individuals who have undergone  the Mitrofanoff bladder reconstruction. Mucus formation can often lead to eye blockage in these bladder reconstructions so if one eye gets blocked 3 remain clear. This should prove to have a significant advantage over conventional 2 eyed catheters. Single use only.

OptiSmooth Mitro is priced at £1.28 per catheter £76.80 for a box of 60units. Single use only

OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro products are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011

OptiSmooth & Mitro are registered Trademarks

OptiSmooth Mitro XL

OptiSmooth Mitro XL is a development and further addition to the OptiSmooth Mitro catheters. OptiSmooth Mitro XL has 4 Xtra Large (XL) drainage eyes developed to flush out really thick mucus.The eyes are the largest currently available and will really help those individuals who have problems with drainage due to very high mucus production.
OptiSmooth Mitro XL are available in 40cm 10ch , 12ch , 14ch sizes. Mitro XL requires an additional water soluble lubrication such as Optilube or Ky.

OptiSmooth Mitro XL is priced at £1.28 per catheter £76.80 for a box of 60 units. Single use only

OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator

Vesica Urology Ltd is proud to introduce the new OptiSmooth hydrophilic Meatal Dilator, an innovative new design developed in the UK.
OptiSmooth MD design has an anatomically shaped handle with indentations for thumb and fingers covered with raised micro surface areas.This provides an excellent grip giving the user greater sensitivity and control. OptiSmooth MD also incorporates a tapered tip to negotiate the tightest meatal strictures. OptiSmooth MD requires water to be added to activate the hydrophilic coating (Tap water is fine)

OptiSmooth MD is priced at £1.20 per dilator £36.00 per box of 30 units making it at the time of writing the lowest cost hydrophilic meatal dilator currently available.Single use only


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