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Adrian English


Managing Director

My work  has been based in the healthcare industry for over 26 years having held senior management posts in major UK & and global pan-european companies. 

For the majority of this time I have been particularly committed to the field of urinary catheters and most specifically to that of Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC).

The success or failure of ISC pivots on two major factors. First the ability of the nurse or continence adviser to overcome the patient’s initial anxieties and to teach the correct way of undertaking the procedure. Second the importance of selecting the most suitable catheter for the individual patient. Catheters and urethras each have their special characteristics which need careful consideration.

From my experience, the drainage eyelets and the coating quality have a major influence not only on the comfort for the patient but on the risk of potential trauma to the urethra. The result enabled me to develop catheters such as the OptiSmooth which has a supremely smooth and stable hydrophilic coating. The OptiSmooth hydrophilic coating adheres to the catheter surface much better than some competitors and therefore provides optimum comfort on not only insertion but removal also.

Working in this market has enabled me to meet and seek the guidance and expertise of many key leaders and specialists in this field.

One of them has been inspirational to me.

Professor Roger Feneley is a retired Consultant Urologist from Bristol who has really helped me to understand ISC from a surgeon’s perspective. We share the same passion to improve the quality of life for people by producing improved products and exploring new technologies. He has long been at the forefront of improving patient care having appointed the UK`S first continence advisor Janet Blannin.

OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011

OptiSmooth & Mitro are registered Trademarks


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