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To download the OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator Brochure please click on the support page above and click OptiSmooth MD and link will be there

Vesica Urology Ltd is proud to introduce the new OptiSmooth MD Meatal Dilator, an innovative new design developed in the UK.

OptiSmooth MD design has an anatomically shaped handle with indentations for thumb and fingers covered with micro surface areas.
This provides an excellent grip giving the user greater sensitivity and control compared to previously available designs using ordinary urine collection bag connector funnels as the handle.

OptiSmooth MD has a tapered tip to help negotiate the tightest meatal strictures.

OptiSmooth MD has an advanced hydrophilic coating bonded onto the tube surface.Within 30 seconds of being activated by water (tap water is fine) this provides an extremely lubricious coating that resists drying out, providing optimum comfort on insertion and removal.

The OptiSmooth MD is available in 8ch, 10ch, 12ch, 14ch, 16ch, 18ch sizes which covers a range of paediatric and adult uses.

Innovation such as this normally comes at higher cost. The OptiSmooth MD hydrophilic meatal dilator is priced in the drug tariff at just £36.00 per box of 30 units (£1.20 per dilator), making it the least expensive fully featured hydrophilic meatal dilator currently available (at the time of writing).

For samples and more info please email : adrian@vesicaurology.com


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