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OptiSmooth Mitro XL

OptiSmooth Mitro XL is a development of the original Mitro catheter with 4 Xtra Large XL drainage eyes . The eyes are the largest currently available and really help with the drainage of augmented bladders that produce high levels of thick mucus. The larger eyes really do help with drainage and were specially developed for Mitrofanoff augmented bladders.

OptiSmooth Mitro XL is available in 40cm catheter length and 10ch, 12ch,14ch sizes

Codes OSMXL4010 40cm 10ch OptiSmooth Mitro XL
         OSMXL4012 40cm 12ch OptiSmooth Mitro XL
         OSMXL4014 40cm 14ch OptiSmooth Mitro XL

Catheter Tube: The OptiSmooth XL catheter is manufactured from  medical-grade thermo-sensitive Polyvinylchloride (PVC). The OptiSmooth catheter tube is flexible but rigid enough to allow the catheter to be inserted easily.

Lubrication: The OptiSmooth Mitro XL is uncoated: and requires an additional source of water soluble lubrication such as the OptiLube jelly  from Optimum medical solutions.

 OptiSmooth & OptiSmooth Mitro are UK UNREGISTERED DESIGNS 2011

OptiSmooth & Mitro are registered Trademarks


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